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Propest Pheronet Pheromone Pantry Pest Moth Trap

Product Review (submitted on October 8, 2020):

I always seem to get an influx of drugstore beetles (Stegobium paniceum) in the fall, perhaps when I bring in my houseplants before frost. I had one of these stored in the garage for at least a year before I used it this fall, but it still worked perfectly. I ordered more, and the new one even brought a couple individuals of a different beetle species out of hiding that I had never seen before. It takes a little while for them to start working, so don't expect to have a full trap in a hour or anything. For my particular issue I found they work best unfolded flat in the windowsill (sticky side up obviously) since drugstore beetles are attracted to light. In case anyone is wondering, they don't do anything for Asian lady beetles, not that I was expecting them to - but that's the other beetle that wants to come in the house in the fall.

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