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Delta Dust

Product Review (submitted on August 9, 2013):
I inherited a bug infested brick home with a crawlspace foundation. I knocked out the crawlspace vents that were mortared into the brick and replaced them with removable vents. I purchased the Dustin Mizer and applied Delta Dust through all the crawlspace vents.....it made a fine cloud and totally "bombed" the entire under side of the home. Dust came billowing out of the vent holes for nearly half an hour after application. Immediately inside the home, large palmetto bugs (i.e. giant roaches) were running around sick. We saw dead bugs in the home every morning for days -- 2 weeks later, not one bug has been found dead inside the home. We have gutted the home and found that all the water pipes, drain lines, and gas lines coming in through the floor between the walls were not sealed.....you can literally see the ground from inside. Now we can spray foam where the bugs were getting inside to limit their access to the inside, but with the Delta Dust under the entire house, we have not seen another bug inside. We also used Talstar around the perimeter of the home, but I credit the Delta Dust for the massive wipe-out. We will be religiously applying using Delta Dust every 6-8 months under the house from here on out, and I recommend everyone with a crawlspace foundation home should do the same! It even offers additional termite protection!