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PT Alpine Flea and Bed Bug Insecticide Aerosol with IGR

Product Review (submitted on July 23, 2012):
With no reviews to go by, I listened to a DIYPC telephone consultant (I believe it was Cindy) and ordered 2 cans of this product. Lets just say the last time I saw a flea on me was Saturday morning, July 21, 2012, before using this product - since then, not one flea has been seen on me or anyone else in our home (it is now Monday, July 23, 2012). Before using this product, fleas would be crawling on my white socks and crawling on me in my bed at night when I'd get home from work. Not anymore, thank God.

I would recommend using a mask of some sort. I could not find mine and went ahead and sprayed this stuff because I was tired of the loathsome critters, and it comes out of the can almost like an insect fogger/bomb, a very thick, light mist, which makes it hard to avoid breathing in. I turned back on the AC and immediately went outdoors after finishing and waited about 15 minutes for it to ventilate, settle and dry, as well as get fresh air. I did have to use my floor fan on our vinyl kitchen floor to make it dry quicker when I came back in.

I'll have a mask on hand when I retreat with my 2nd can in a week. I also followed the instructions to the letter (vacuum first, spray, let dry, vacuum again). It was quite a bit of work, as I sprayed the chair where I have my morning coffee (fleas seemed to like it too), my mother's easy chair, and our couch; so of course after spraying them and letting them dry, I vacuumed them very thoroughly. You cannot spray mattresses, but again, no fleas have bothered me on my bed (or anywhere else) since I sprayed. Thank you once again DIYPC.