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Taurus SC Insecticide

Product Review (submitted on October 25, 2013):
Taurus is the generic equivalent of Termidor. I bought the 78 oz bottles and treated my home, a neighbor's and a relative's homes for termite control. It is a wonderful product and easy to use. The active ingredient is the same as in Frontline and Pronyl (fleas and ticks collars for companion animals). So, if it is safe to use on your house pets and small children will hug and stroke them then it would be safe to use by consumers. It sure is a lot cheaper than hiring an exterminator.
My home was treated three years ago. I do not believe I have termite infestation before the treatment and I do not know if the termite colonies are annihilated. But I did notice that the black carpenter ants that were frequently found in my yard are no longer present. So I presume this product knocked out all insects.
I also noticed spiders did not spin their webs properly and they also tend to be lethargic.