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Talpirid Mole Bait

Product Review (submitted on November 18, 2013):
This was my second year of battling moles (they won last year). And, all sorts of other critters showed up. IT WAS AWFUL. Lived here 23 years... 1st time ever squirrels showed up too and ripped my chimney flashing off, tore up soffit, etc., etc. $867 work of repairs. (got in my house- awful!!) This year, thanks to Talpirid the moles are dead and no other critters. Only my beautiful red cardinals, blue jays, etc. flying about. I wrote Bell Laboratories an email thanking them and asking them to PLEASE never take this off the market. Their reply: "Thank you for your email and comments on Talpirid. The plan is to market this item for a long time to come." P.S. I cut 'em in half like another person said. Put them in the top level tunnels and even found the subterranean tunnels (amazing!).