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Havahart 1085 Easy Set Cage Style Animal Live Trap

Product Review (submitted on November 27, 2013):
I purchased this to trap feral cats that seem to roam in the late afternoon and early evening. I set the trap - using canned cat food - only at those times, since I don't mind the other wild critters. Unfortunately, I forgot to close the trap on two occasions over night. The first time, I found a large, adult possum inside. He was uninjured and calm and I released him easily and safely by pulling back the handle. The second time, my wife heard a noise outside. When I checked, there were two young raccoons standing by watching momma, who was in the trap. She was also uninjured and calm and was also easily released. Obviously, the trap works! I just need to be more creative in my selection of bait and more careful about the time of day I set the trap.