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Ultracide Flea Aerosol

Product Review (submitted on September 17, 2012):
I have to recommend prior to using any spray on any hardwood floors that you try it on a spot and see how it dries. Unfortunately my hardwood floors, put in by the previous owner, was one of the looks expensive but, low quality Home Depot specials. I sprayed Precor on and it would not dry even after 2-3 days. Once it was wiped off a layer of varnish would go with it. The floors were not damaged but it would not dry and as such the Precor smell would not go away. So as an alternative I went with Ultracide and it dried fast and did not have a strong residual smell after a couple of hours. There is still a residual film but I know you need that. Over a week after I applied it on 2 separate occasions house flies landed on the floor and died in a couple of secs, legs up and all!