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Evergreen Dust + Hand Bellow Duster

Product Review (submitted on September 20, 2012):

I had yellowjackets who must have found a way into our attic, built a big old nest, and then bored a hole through the drywall of our bathroom ceiling and started coming into the house.

Calls to 3 or 4 local exterminators all confirmed the same thing: that they would simply observe where the bees are entering the house, then puff this "special" dust into those entry points. The bees would track the dust in to the hive and contaminate all their buddies. Within about 3 days, the whole nest should be dead. That's it. That's all they do for $250. Well THIS is the "special" dust they use, and it works just as well at $35 as it does to pay someone else $250 for 10 minutes of work.

The bees were all dead within a few days and the problem was resolved. I have enough left over to last several years. Buy this!

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