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Mice Traps

  • Snap Traps: One of our favorites is the Mini T Rex. It not only works well but you do not have to get your finger into the snapping zone; the bait well is underneath the trap. Unscrew the bait well, put a little peanut butter or Provoke attractant onto the insert and reattach.
  • Glue Boards/Traps: Glue boards work very well for mice. Mice have little body strength and rarely get off the board. Place glue traps along walls, baseboards and areas that the mice travel. Dispose of the glue board and the mouse after killing the mouse.
  • Live traps-Humane Traps: Live traps work well for house mice. If you truly want the mice to have no injuries the Tin Cat, Tip Top and the Little Pete fit this purpose. The mice must be let out within 12 hours or they will starve to death.
  • Multiple Catch Traps-Wind Up: The mice may die soon after using a wind up trap after they are stunned from the flip into the container. These traps include the Trapper MC, the Ketch All and the Eaton's Wind Up. These traps are popular for the amount of mice that it can capture. After one mice enters, others follow the first mouse.
  • Hygienic Mouse Traps-Disposable Mouse Traps: For people that don't want to see the mouse, Victor Kill & Seal M265 or Trapper Hidden Mouse Traps which are disposable traps are your best bets.
  • Whichever trap you choose place the trap along edges of floors, cabinets, etc. These are their natural pathway. Always inspect to determine where the mice are running.
  • Place the mice traps at 2-3 feet intervals, along walls, pathways and corners.
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  1. Havahart Live Mouse Trap #1020

    Out of stock

    Havahart two-door cage live mouse trap is ideal for the trapping of mice, chipmunks, shrews, and voles. The Havahart two-door cage live mouse trap has been designed with the safety of the small animals in mind. This humane mouse trap, with its two gravity action doors, has many features to allow safe, quick and easy catches. This Havahart two-door cage trap is constructed of sturdy rust-resistant wire mesh with steel reinforcements for long life and galvanized for maximum resistance to rust and corrosion. It contains mesh openings, smaller than competing traps of comparable size, which help prevent escapes and stolen bait. Two gravity-action doors allow an animal to enter from either direction. Sensitive trigger ensures quick, secure capture that targets the specific animal's size, eliminating undesired catches. Solid door and handle guard protect the user during transportation, while smoothed internal edges protect and prevent injuries to animals. Learn More
  2. Revenge Press N Set Mouse Trap , 47080

    Out of stock

    These mouse traps are very easy and safe to use. They are simple to use, just press them and they set. Press and Set Mouse Traps you have no caught fingers and it snaps open for disposal.

    Learn More
  3. Pro Ketch Junior

    Starting at: $13.50

    Pro Ketch Junior is always properly set. This well made mulitple mouse trap, made in the USA incorporates an easy-view-side window. The easy to view window allows easy monitoring and saves time.

    One of the top advantages of the Pro Ketch Junior to other multiple mouse traps is the smaller streamlined dimensions. This allows trap placement in smaller locations.

    Learn More
  4. Kness Tip Trap

    Tip Trap Mouse Trap has an unique design. Place the Tip Traps in areas where the mice are running, most likely on a wall. As the mice enters the trap to retrieve the lure, the trap tips with the door closing automatically and the mouse is caught ! As a humane trap, the mouse can be released as you pull back the trap door.

    Suggested Baits: Provoke Mouse Attractant or Peanut Butter

    Learn More
  5. Victor Kill & Seal Mouse Trap Model M265-1 Box (2 Traps)

    Victor Kill/Seal Mouse Trap Model M265 is a hygienic mousetrap. The Victor Kill/Seal Mouse Trap is safe for kids and pets.Victor Kill/Seal Mouse Trap is clean and has a safe kill with containment of a mouse and its parasites.
    Learn More
  6. JT Eaton 166

    Starting at: $1.99

    This perforated glue board fits into the Repeater and Little Pete. JT Eaton's 166 glue board will catch the mice on the glue for a secure trap. The Little Pete has interior tabs to hold this glue board in place. This universal glue board by JT Eaton will fit in the JT Eaton Repeater Mouse trap or the Little Pete traps with its perforated edges.

    Learn More
  7. Protecta MC(Trapper)

    Out of stock

    Protecta(Trapper) MC is Bell's multiple-catch mouse trap that hold up to 15 mice.A winding trap with a clear view top. Simply wind the knob and place sleek Trapper  MC in areas where mice travel.
    Its stop wind mechanism will prevent over-winding. Mice enter through holes on both sides of the trap and are swept into the capture compartment
    Even though this trap is a live trap, the trauma from the flipping action may kill them.

    Measures: 6\" length x 7.5\" width x 3.5\" height Learn More
  8. Bell Labs Provoke Mouse Attractant

    Provoke Mouse Attractant  has a food matrix designed to  provoke mice to the trap. Provoke Mouse Attractant is used by placing a small amount on your mouse traps for an exceptional lure.Provoke Mouse Attractant is hypo-allergenic and non staining.

    Packaging: 1 unit= 2 ounces
    Learn More
  9. JT Eatons Wind Up Mouse Trap

    Out of stock

    Ketch All Mouse Trap by Kness. It is another wind up trap for mouse control. Learn More
  10. NB Squirrel & Rodent Paste Bait

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