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Rat Bait Stations

Rat Bait Stations

When baiting for rodents the top priority should be the safety of people and pets. The challenge is to allow the rodents to get to, and eat, the bait without allowing children and pets to have access to it. Tamper-resistant rat bait stations offer a simple and economical solution to this problem.


Recommended bait stations

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  1. Protecta Load-N-Lock

    Starting at: $11.25

    Protecta Load-N-Lock anchoring system secures Protecta LP, Protecta EVO Ambush and Protecta Sidekick Bait Stations. Professional in appearance, the Load-N-Lock anchoring system, eliminates the added expense, mess and time associated with traditional anchoring methods

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  2. Bell Rodent Baiters

    Starting at: $5.99

    Rodent Baiter for rats features a lid and bottom that easily snap together for easy accessibility.

    These rat sized black stations measure 9 1/2" x 8 1/4" x 5". Packaging: 24 stations per case. Baits not included.

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  3. Protecta Evo Circuit Bait Station with key (One key per order or One key per case of 6 stations)

    The Protecta Evo Circuit Bait Station is disguised as an electrical box or utility box that can be used vertically or horizontally. The Circuit Bait Station even has simulated connectors (optional) to complete the disguise. This bait station would be ideal where discretion is important in public locations such as restaurants and hotels. The Evo Circuit looks so much like a utility or electrical box ; no one would know the difference at a casual glance.

    Protecta Evo Circuit Bait Station comes with 4 vertical rods and 4 horizontal rods. The vertical rods lock in place so they do not fall out during cleaning. Circuit Bait Station is easily opened with a single key like all the Protecta Evo (short for “evolution”) bait stations.

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  4. Protecta Bait Stations

    Starting at: $19.90

    Protecta Rodent Bait stations come in black or gray. Protecta Bait Stations comes with rods holding the bait in place. With Protecta Bait Stations you don't have one rat hoarding an abundance of bait, getting better control through the entire population.

    Protect your children and pets from bait or snap traps with Protecta Bait Stations.

    The Protecta Bait Station is designed as a tamper resistant bait station that will hold the bait or traps but keep the poison bait or snap trap out of reach of children or pets.

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  5. Protecta Sidekick Bait Station

    The Protecta Sidekick Bait Station functions as both a bait station and monitoring station. The Protecta Sidekick Bait Station's vertical bait securing rods hold bait blox securely in the station, reducing the risk of accidental bait exposure to children, pets and non-target animals. Learn More
  6. Aegis Rat Rodent Bait Station-(Clear Top)

    These Aegis Rodent Bait Stations, 83813, have a double tunnel design inside to encourage feeding among rats. Since rats like to feed in tunnels, these bait station mimic this environment. They made of heavy-duty polypropylene with rotating hinges, that won't crack or break when opened in cold weather.

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  7. EZ Secured Rodent Bait Station

    Out of stock

    The EZ Secured Rodent Bait Station is a heavy-duty rodent bait station with a concrete block to use in areas where a secured or anchored bait station is needed. Typical areas include restaurants, warehouses, office buildings, commercial locations, or any area where a secured bait station is required or needed. The concrete block is a Type I/II green cement that meets LEEDS specifications. This cement block adapts to the environment. If it is in the soil, it blends or seasons with the aroma of the earth, so the rodent is familiar with its surroundings and not scared to approach the station.

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  8. Ambush Bait Station & Contrac Blox Kit

    Ambush Bait Station & Contrac Blox Kit + 1 Key

    Save money on this combination of top rodent control products.

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  9. EZ Snap Rat Station

    EZ Snap Rat Station has a rat snap trap securely mounted on the inside to reduce accidental trigger trips by the rodents. The design of the EZ Snap Rat Station "force flows" the rodent into the target zone. Place an attraction in the back of the station; the odor will flow out, forcing the rat to turn and follow the scent to the set rat snap trap. It has the unique, " EZ Set Indicator Tie," a heavy-duty dual color (yellow and black) tie. This indicator tie is attached to the kill bar of the snap trap. The tie extends from the inside to the outside through the back of the lid.

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  10. JT Eaton Top Gun + B&G Rodent Cafe Kit (6)

    Out of stock

    JT Eaton Top Gun + B&G Rodent Cafe Kit (6)

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Rat Bait Station Advantages



Protects Children and Pets From Poison Rodent Baits

Placing the rodent bait blox onto the rods or pegs inside the bait station will permit the rat to feed, but not remove the bait (translocate) to another location. This protects children and non targeted animals from the poison bait.



Keeps Rodent Bait Fresh

In addition to protecting non-targeted animals from the poison bait, tamper-resistant rat bait stations also protect the inserted bait from the weather. The bait stations will keep the bait fresh. Fresh bait attracts the rodent for a longer time period.



Rodent Bait Stations with Rods

Securing the bait on the bait rods will ensure that the rodents can not remove the bait. They will eat the bait inside the bait station. Besides not translocating the bait, rodent bait stations will stop one rat from hoarding the bait, permitting all the rat colony to feed on it.



Rat Bait Station Placement Tips

Rod the bait inside the bait stations. Set the rat bait stations between 15-50 feet apart. If the rat population is heavy, go about every 15 feet. Inspect for harborage areas, and place bait stations near these areas.

Rats are suspicious of new objects in the environment. Norway rats and Roof rats may need some encouragement to enter the rat bait stations for the first time. This problem is solved by placing a non toxic lure like peanut butter, fish or apples just inside the entrance holes. It is crucial not to allow the rodenticide to touch the lure.



  • Place rat bait stations near runways where rats will most likely find them. For Norway rats, the placement is typically on the ground. For Roof rats, the rat station location is a higher placement.
  • Keep the rat bait stations filled with rat bait, until the rat population is killed. Empty stations mean missed opportunities to totally kill the population.
  • When two or more consecutive rat bait stations show signs of feeding, add more stations in between to make sure that the rodents are not entering the adjacent structure.
  • If you are performing commerical rodent control around food facilities, become knowledgeable of sanitation procedures.



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