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Rat Bait Stations

Rat Bait Stations

When baiting for rodents the top priority should be the safety of people and pets. The challenge is to allow the rodents to get to, and eat, the bait without allowing children and pets to have access to it. Tamper-resistant rat bait stations offer a simple and economical solution to this problem.


Recommended bait stations

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  1. Strongbox Metal Rat Bait Station

    JT Eaton's Strongbox Bait Station- #910TP

    JT Eaton's Strongbox Bait Station is fabricated of heavy-duty galvanized steel, this station features a seamless base for added strength. Also, included is a black plastic insert tray to simulate dark ­ness and to aid in quick servicing of the station. There are separate compartments for bait or water. Bait securing rods provide for added bait security. This design is suited for placement flush against walls, with the entry points in direct line with the path rats prefer.

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  2. B&G Rodent Bait Station Cafe (Black)

    Starting at: $15.90

    B&G(BG) Rodent Bait Station Cafe is a tamper resistant rodent bait station for either rats or mice.This rodent bait station has true hinges, increasing the durability and life of the station.  The B&G Rodent Bait Station Cafe may be opened  quickly and is easy to clean and service, with a single key entry.May use bait blox, seed or pelleted bait in stations.
    Measures: 10.5 \"x10.5\" x 3.4 \"-a low profile size.
    It is not designed to hold a snap trap.
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  3. Protecta EVO Weighted Landscape Stations ( 2 ctn)

    Protecta EVO Weighted Landscape Stations by Bell Labs not only blend in with outdoor landscapes but they have pre-installed custom bricks on the bottom that secure the stations from moving. These rodent bait stations look like a stone with a naturally textured surface for authenticity.

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  4. Protecta Evo Ambush Bait Station

    Like Bell Lab's Protecta LP, Protecta Evo Ambush Bait Station's low profile allows use under pallets or other tight spots where rodents would travel. As a low profile bait station, Protecta Evo Ambush Bait Station works well in tight baiting scenarios, "ambushing" either rats or mice using rodent baits or Bell snap traps. Ambush Bait Station comes with 4 vertical rods with locking rods that will not fall out during cleaning. Ambush Bait Station is easily opened with a single key.

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  5. EZ Snap Rat Station

    EZ Snap Rat Station has a rat snap trap securely mounted on the inside to reduce accidental trigger trips by the rodents. The design of the EZ Snap Rat Station "force flows" the rodent into the target zone. Place an attraction in the back of the station; the odor will flow out, forcing the rat to turn and follow the scent to the set rat snap trap. It has the unique, " EZ Set Indicator Tie," a heavy-duty dual color (yellow and black) tie. This indicator tie is attached to the kill bar of the snap trap. The tie extends from the inside to the outside through the back of the lid.

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  6. Protecta LP Bait Station-Black

    Starting at: $18.05

    Protecta LP Bait Station can be used for rats or mice. The name "LP", means low profile. These low profile bait stations fit snugly in corners and lay flush along the walls. Rodents travel along walls and in corners. The low profile design is particularly useful to fit under pallets and any other tight baiting locations. It is triangular shaped and measures 3 3/8" tall by 9" deep (approx. 76mm x 228mm).

    Protecta LP is a tamper-resistant rat bait station that is designed for inside or outside buildings.

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  7. JT Eaton Top Gun + B&G Rodent Cafe Kit (6)

    JT Eaton Top Gun + B&G Rodent Cafe Kit (6)

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  8. Ambush Bait Station & Contrac Blox Kit

    Save money on this combination of top rodent control products.


    • (6) Protecta Ambush Bait Stations with one key (Valued at 73.08)
    • Contrac Blox -18 lbs (Valued at 78.95)
    • One key per order
    • Total - $152.03 (Save $ 7.23)
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  9. Protecta EVO Express Bait Station

    Protecta EVO Express Bait Station is a heavy duty versatile rodent bait station.Protecta EVO Express Bait Station
    combines a single locking mechanism, an internal integrated concrete weight and a removable tray with locking rods that won't fall out. As a tamper-resistant bait station it can only be accessed by the key . As an added feature, the ramped entries & baffles keep bait and traps out of reach of children and non-target animals for your peace of mind. Learn More
  10. EZ Secured Rodent Bait Station

    The EZ Secured Rodent Bait Station is a heavy-duty rodent bait station with a concrete block to use in areas where a secured or anchored bait station is needed. Typical areas include restaurants, warehouses, office buildings, commercial locations, or any area where a secured bait station is required or needed. The concrete block is a Type I/II green cement that meets LEEDS specifications. This cement block adapts to the environment. If it is in the soil, it blends or seasons with the aroma of the earth, so the rodent is familiar with its surroundings and not scared to approach the station.

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Rat Bait Station Advantages



Protects Children and Pets From Poison Rodent Baits

Placing the rodent bait blox onto the rods or pegs inside the bait station will permit the rat to feed, but not remove the bait (translocate) to another location. This protects children and non targeted animals from the poison bait.



Keeps Rodent Bait Fresh

In addition to protecting non-targeted animals from the poison bait, tamper-resistant rat bait stations also protect the inserted bait from the weather. The bait stations will keep the bait fresh. Fresh bait attracts the rodent for a longer time period.



Rodent Bait Stations with Rods

Securing the bait on the bait rods will ensure that the rodents can not remove the bait. They will eat the bait inside the bait station. Besides not translocating the bait, rodent bait stations will stop one rat from hoarding the bait, permitting all the rat colony to feed on it.



Rat Bait Station Placement Tips

Rod the bait inside the bait stations. Set the rat bait stations between 15-50 feet apart. If the rat population is heavy, go about every 15 feet. Inspect for harborage areas, and place bait stations near these areas.

Rats are suspicious of new objects in the environment. Norway rats and Roof rats may need some encouragement to enter the rat bait stations for the first time. This problem is solved by placing a non toxic lure like peanut butter, fish or apples just inside the entrance holes. It is crucial not to allow the rodenticide to touch the lure.



  • Place rat bait stations near runways where rats will most likely find them. For Norway rats, the placement is typically on the ground. For Roof rats, the rat station location is a higher placement.
  • Keep the rat bait stations filled with rat bait, until the rat population is killed. Empty stations mean missed opportunities to totally kill the population.
  • When two or more consecutive rat bait stations show signs of feeding, add more stations in between to make sure that the rodents are not entering the adjacent structure.
  • If you are performing commerical rodent control around food facilities, become knowledgeable of sanitation procedures.



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