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Rat Repellents

Repelling Rats

Although there is no substitute for appropriate landscaping and sanitation, rat repellents will assist in keeping rodents from entering a building.

Rat Repellent Products

Bonide Shotgun Repels All, when used around the perimeter will repel a variety of animals, including rats. Shotgun Repels All comes in liquid or granule forms.

DeTour is a gel product containing pepper. Applying DeTour on the entry points will serve as a repellent, and applying DeTour along the rodent trails will increase the trap kill numbers.

Ropel Animal Repellent and Detour For Rodents will help repel rodents. Ropel works by directly spraying the areas that the rodents may be chewing. Detour repels as a contact repellent.

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  1. Ropel Animal Repellent - quart
  2. Evac Botanical Rodent Repellent

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    Evac Botanical Rodent Repellent - Keeps Rodents Out Naturally

    This all natural, botanical rodent repellent is made so it repels rodents. Even though the pine scent in Evac may be pleasant to us, it repels rodents. It is made with balsam fir oil, fragrance oil and plant fibers, conveniently packaged in a granular form in 2.5 oz pouches.

    Even though Evac Rodent Repellent is registered with the EPA, it is classified as a "reduced risk", green product that does not require the signal word "caution" on its product label.

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  3. Bonide Shotgun Repels All  Liquid Concentrate

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    Bonide Shotgun Repels All Liquid Concentrate has a unique blend of ingredients causes a mild irritation to animal's nasal passages. When an animal touches, tastes or smells Repels-All this irritation triggers the natural instinct to escape and avoid. The animal simply leaves. Repels-All provides a powerful scent and taste repellent that animals find unpleasant and irritating. Repels All does not harm the animal, it drives them away naturally.

    Repels All Concentrate will continue protecting and repelling for up to 2 months.

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  4. Detour Rodent Bio-Repellent

    Detour Professional Grade Barrier Sealant (formerly called Detour for Rodents) is an all natural bio-repellent that detours or drives rodents and insects away from targeted areas. Detour is a Fifra EPA 25b exempt product.

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