Ropel Animal Repellent - Discontinued

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Pro Tips Ropel has no smell but it tastes incredibly bitter. Wear gloves to keep it off your fingers and if it's windy out wear a dust mask to keep it off of your lips. TRUST ME!
Product Label Ropel Label
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Target Pest Use to prevent damage inflicted by deer (Odocolleus), beaver (Castor), rodents, rats (Rattus spp.) Mice (Mus spp.). Squirrels full strength.
Active Ingredient (s) Benzyidlethyl (2.6 xylyl carbamoyl)Methyl Ammonium Saccharide: 0.065%
For Use : N/A
Yield One guart of RO-PEL will properly treat 250 - 1,000 ; sq.ft. depending upon surface conditions and porosity of items treated.
Mixture|Application N/A
Shipping Restrictions N/A
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Avoid contact with eyes, skin, food, and clothing. Discard contaminated food. Avoid tasting! The taste is extremely bitter and very unpleasant.
Avoid breathing spray - Do not apply RO-PEL indoors.
Never use on food, animal feed, edible plants, or directly on the fruit or nuts of trees. Do not use on sugaring maple trees since RO-PEL could effect the taste of the maple syrup. Do not use on fruit or vegetable seeds without prior testing.
There exists a wide variety of species and cultivars and therefore, a wide variety of possible susceptibility to injury. To ascertain possible phytotoxicity, spray a few plants and check for possible injury. Before using on painted or stained surfaces test a small area to determine whether RO-PEL's ingredients will damage the surface, paint, or stain. Do the same with any plastics or fabrics. If in doubt, test first!


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