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Pest Control for Snakes

Snakes are the most feared pest in the world. There are 2,700 species of snakes worldwide with 250 of those species residing in the United States. The majority of snakes in the U.S. are not venomous; however, poisonous snake sightings occur often. Snakes attempt to avoid people as a general rule, but the majority of them will bite when threatened or surprised. Snake control products are used to prevent and catch snakes.

Snake Control Methods

Controlling snakes begins with an inspection to determine why the snakes want to be there in the first place. If snakes are indoors it could be because of food, water, or ideal temperature and conditions. Look for signs of rodents since they are a food source for the snakes. Also look for entry points into the structure such as holes in the foundation or missing vent covers.

When inspecting for outdoor problems, look for high vegetation or wood piles on the ground. When snakes are found outside, they are usually just trying to get from one place to another or foraging for food. They will hide under logs, and in debris such as scrap metal and old tires. Always wear long pants, boots, and gloves when inspecting for snakes, and make sure not to place bare hands in areas that you cannot visually inspect first. Never provoke a snake if found.

After the inspection, apply snake repellents around foundations, in crawlspaces, entry points, basements, and under covered porches. Also use repellents in the yard where snakes are a problem. When using a glue board trap to catch snakes, place it along walls and places where pests are most likely to travel.

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  1. Snake-A-Way -4 lb, 10 lb and 28 lb

    Starting at: $18.30

    Snake A Way - Dr. T's Snake-A-Way snake repellent is the only EPA-approved, university-tested and patented snake repellent on the market today. Snake-A-Way is a dry granular mixture which is easy to apply by lightly
    sprinkling around homes, cabins, trailers, camp sites, and garages.
    Can't be shipped to Ca
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  2. Snake-AWay Hose End

    Dr.T's Snake Away Snake-A-Way Snake Repelling Spray combines all natural ingredients to repel and deter non-poisonous snakes, including corn and garter snakes. This ready-to-use snake repellent has a hose-end sprayer head to attach to your hose and spray in such areas as around houses, woodpiles, flowerbeds, barns, garages and other areas where these snakes may crawl. One quart covers 500 sq ft.

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  3. Snake Out-4 lbs.

    Snake Out Keep Snakes Out...Naturally Unique blend of ingredients that snakes find very unpleasant. Snake Out can be used anywhere you don't want snakes to be or anyplace snakes are a problem. Snake Out doesn't harm snakes; instead, it actually repels them naturally. Learn More
  4. Snake Scam Professional

    Starting at: $67.50

    Snake Scram Professional has natural ingredients in an organic granulated formula that effectively repels many poisonous snakes, including copperheads and rattlesnakes. It does not harm children or other animals.This repellent is very offensive to the snake's Jacobsen organ receptor, causing it to leave the treated area. Shake Snake Scram granular in and around the area to be protected and the first sign of snake presence. The Snake Scram Professional repellent is an all season granular, but peak application is during the early spring and throughout the summer months. Both extremes of drought or rainfall may increase snake activity.

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  5. Bonide Snake Stopper Repellents (1.5 lb and 4 lb )

    Starting at: $15.50

    Bonide Snake Stopper Repellent repels and drives the snakes away from a targeted location. Snake Stopper is made of all natural ingredients : Cedar Oil, Cinnamon Oil, and Clove Oil. Typical uses of Bonide Snake Stopper Repellent repel snakes around yards, gardens, patios, sheds and woodpiles.

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Why are Snakes Dangerous?

There are 45,000 snake bites in the United States per year with 8,000 of those resulting from venomous snakes. Snake bites can be deadly if not treated immediately, and children are at a higher risk since they have smaller bodies. It is important to get to an emergency room immediately after a snake bite even if there is no pain, because the bite can lead to death. Symptoms may begin right after being bitten or they my not occur for several hours after the incident. Venomous snakes in the U.S. include: cobra, copperhead, coral snake, cottonmouth (also know as the water moccasin), rattlesnake, and various snakes in zoos.