Springstar Biocare Aphid and Whitefly Trap #S1501-4 Traps

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This Aphid and Whitefly trap from Springstar is used to catch and detect small flying insects in gardens, homes and greenhouses. It is particularly helpful in monitoring and controlling flying insects such as aphids and whiteflies. It also works for thrips, fungus gnats, scale insects. It is helpful to place these traps early in the insect season to prevent infestations from increasing and establishing.

Package contains 4 long-lasting sticky traps.

Springstar Biocare Aphid and Whitefly Trap #S1501-4 Traps

We have discontinued this product, we recommend Dominion 2L, and spray foliage.



How Does the Aphid /Whitefly Trap work?

The small flying insects are attracted to the unique yellow color of the trap, and the strength of the glue catches and kills them. Most glue on the market is petroleum based, but this glue is vegetable based making it an environmentally friendly trap. It can be composed if you wish. Use these traps before a heavy infestation begins as it is easier to tackle them earlier than later. The small fly population can be reduced with consistent use and catching and killing them from the beginning of the infestation.

Benefits of using Springstar's Biocare Aphid and Whitefly Trap

  • Non-Toxic
  • Traps completely compostable
  • Natural way to control aphids whiteflies and fungus gnats.
  • Lasts up to three months

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Target Pest Catches and Monitors Aphids , Whiteflies, Thrips, fungus gnats, and scale insects
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  • Take off the release paper from the trap and place trap where insects have been noted.
  • Place the trap on end, on it's side,and hang it with a twist tie or string. You can also attach to wooden or plastic stakes.
  • Place near fruit, vegetables or other sources of insects

Heavy Infestations: Place one trap at the base and the other at the crown of the infested trap.

Normal Infesations: Use only one trap per infested group of four plants.

Dispose of traps when full or after 3 months. In case of contact, remove glue with vegetable oil. Dispose of traps when full or after 3 months. In case of contact, remove glue with vegetable oil.

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