Springstar Biocare Earwig Trap

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These re-useable traps help with earwig control. They are safe, effective and non-toxic. This earwig rap attracts and captures European earwigs.

Springstar's Biocare Earwig Trap-S522

These reuseable earwig traps help with earwig control. They are safe, effective and non-toxic. This earwig trap attracts and captures European earwigs. Each box of contains 4 trap made of high strength plastic. These traps are designed to be placed in areas where earwigs move, even in damp areas.

Directions :

  1. Open traps and bait with 1/4 teaspoon of vanilla extract, soy sauce or a little ripe fruit as a lure.
  2. In the bottom of the trap, place a small amount of soapy water.
  3. The earwigs will be attracted to the lure, and simply fall in the water and drown.

Earwig Habits

  • Earwigs feed on insect, plants, ripe fruit and garbage.
  • They like warm, damp areas and are active at night.
  • Long term use of these earwig traps will reduce the earwig population, without use of toxic chemicals.

Place these traps out where the earwigs have been seen. Typical places are gardens, orchards, patios, under porches, under shrubs, along fences, in woodpiles and the base of trees. They are safe for use in food-handling and food storage areas.

When To Use Earwig Traps

Earwigs hatch during the spring, usually by the first week in April. Place these traps out druing the adult earwig season earwig which is June - October.

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