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Talstar P Professional Insecticide is perhaps the most broad spectrum insecticide on the market today. It's labeled for use indoors and out. It can be used in residential, commercial, industrial, and food handling areas. Talstar P also is known as Talstar One or Talstar Professional. Talstar Professional is water based, so it’s non-irritating and contains no odorous or plant-damaging solvents. T alstar Professional leaves no unsightly residues and causes no phytotoxicity. Once dry, it is virtually impossible to tell where Talstar Professional has been sprayed.  We would recommend taking a look at Bifen IT, it the exact same product and it is at a lower price point.

Talstar P Professional Insecticide (Talstar Pro, Talstar One, Talstar P)

Talsar P Professional Insecticide has gone by several names over the years. You may know it as Talstat P, Talstar Pro, Talstar One, or just plain Talstar. While the name has changed, the product is still the same reliable product. It contains the active ingredient Bifenthrin 7.9%. Bifenthrin is a member of the synthetic pyrethroid family. We carry Bifenthrin 7.9% in two forms: Talstar P Professional and Bifen IT. Bifen IT  is the generic form and a bit more economical.

Talstar P Professional is used often outside for flea control and mole cricket control. Because it is so widely labeled (over 75 pests on the label), it is a very popular item.

It is, perhaps, the most broad spectrum insecticide on the market today. Talstar is a flowable multi-ipurpose insecticide and has proven effective against brown marmorated stink bugs and it holds up well even outdoors.

Talstar P Professional - Long Residual, Broad Spectrum

Talstar combines a long residual life with low toxicity to create a performance and safety record second to none. With such a broad spectrum of targeted pests, Talstar P Professional may be the only insecticide you will ever need. Talstar P Professional is non-irritating, water based and contains no solvents that would damage plants. Talstar dries invisibly and doesn't leave an unsightly residue and does not stain. When you add in the fact that it is odorless, Talstar Pro is the clear choice for almost all of your pesticide needs. Talstar Pro is labeled for use indoors and out. It can be used in residential, commercial, industrial, and food handling areas.

Bifen IT Label Talstar Pro Label

Talstar Pro : Yields of Finished Product

As a Lawn and Garden: Talstar  Insecticide -Miticide:
1 Qt. yields 160-320 gallons

As an Indoor Outdoor:Talstar Insecticide:
1 Qt. yields 32-96 gallons

As a Termite chemical :Talstar Termiticide:
1 Qt. yields 32 gallons

More Information
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Pro Tips Bifen IT  is the same product and cheaper. Both contain Bifenthrin 7.9 % with the same active ingredient. Talstar Pro comes in pts, qts 3/4 gallons and gallons. Bifen IT comes in 4 oz., pts, quarts, 3/4 gal, and the new tip and measure gallons

Talstar P has been the go to product for mosquito control for the last 10 years. In 2019 CSI developed a new product called Proflex Encapsulated with a combined chemistry of two insect growth regulators and lambda-cyhalothrin for superior mosquito control. It is  working for up to 60-90 days vs Talstar P or its generic Bifen IT at about 21 to 30 days.  The reason it last so long is because the formulation is micro encapsulated. That is why the residual activity is so long.

Product Label Label
Target Pest

Talstar (Talstar Pro ) (Talstar One) controls over 75 different pests, such as :

Please see product label for a complete list and dilution rates

Active Ingredient (s) Biffenthrin 7.9%
For Use : Talstar Pro (Talstar One) is approved for lots of different locations. It may used inside, outside or the perimeter of your home. You can use Talstar in industrial areas, commercial areas as well as residential areas. Talstar Pro (Talstar One) is also labeled for food handling areas(limited).
Yield Talstar Pro (Talstar One) QT - yields 32 -96 gallons as a indoor outdoor insecticide, 160-320 gallons as a lawn and garden insecticide.
Mixture|Application Talstar Pro ( Talstar One) is to be used with a sprayer. See dilution rates
Application 1/2 to 1 ounce per gallon of water
Retreatment Talstar lasts 2-3 months
Shipping Restrictions CT, NY
A suggested alternative would be Fenvastar Cap
More Instructions

Very little is needed to broadcast Talstar Pro on lawns, shrubs or ornamentals. Hose End Sprayers make the job easier. 1/4 to 1 ounce per thousand sq feet would be adequate. You will need higher rates for mole crickets

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