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Residential Pro Bed Bug Kit

Walt Cline - Pest Control Professional Pro Tip: "One of the biggest problems we face in bed bug control is clutter. Clutter includes books, newspapers, stuffed animals, or any other personal items. You need to either throw the items out, isolate them, heat treat, or fumigate in a closed container with Nuvan strips. I highly recommend using monitoring tools such as the Bedbug Buggy Monitor and the Climbup Interceptor Monitor. This kit is a great value because that little bottle of Temprid will make up to 30 gallons. You can use if for years on other pest problems that pop up."

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Residential Pro Bed Bug Kit

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Residential Pro Bed Bug Kit provides Temprid FX in the kit for residential bed bug control.

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Residental Pro Bed Bug Kit is used for residential and commercial use. Treats 4-5 bedrooms twice.

Residential Pro Bed Bug Kit provides Temprid FX in the kit for residential bed bug control.


  • 1-Temprid FX-240 ml ( yields 30 gal - for bed bug hiding places like boxsprings and baseboards, may be sprayed in tufts and seams of mattresses.)
  • 1- Cimexa Dust 4 oz containers ( 6 month residual treatment for places you can't see - ex, behind baseboards and electrical outlets - also for use on mattresses)
  • 1- JT Eaton Bellow Hand Duster
  • 2 Cans of Bedlam Plus Aerosol ( for use on furniture, ex, dressers and night stands)

Additional Options at a Discounted Price

  • SenSci Volcano Detector Kit -SenSci Volcano Bed Bug Detectors identify and capture bed bugs. These detectors are very helpful in early detection of bed bug infestations or if you want to monitor your bed bug treatment plan.
  • Nuvan Pro Strips-Use Nuvan ProStrips to treat items such as electronics, clothing, books, toys, shoes. Place items in a airtight bag and allow the Nuvan Pro-Strips to penetrate and kill the bed bugs hiding in these areas. Allow about 2 to 3 days to kill adult bed bugs and 7 days to kill their eggs

More information : Bed Bug Treatments

Additional Information

Additional Information

Pro Tips One of the biggest problems we face in bed bug control is clutter. Clutter includes books, newspapers, stuffed animals, or any other personal items. You need to either throw the items out, isolate them, heat treat, or fumigate in a closed container with Nuvan strips. I highly recommend using monitoring tools such as the Bedbug Buggy Monitor and the Climbup Interceptor Monitor. This kit is a great value because that little bottle of Temprid will make up to 30 gallons. You can use if for years on other pest problems that pop up.
Packaging 1-Temprid FX 240 ml, 1 Cimexa Dust-4 oz, JT Eaton Hand Bellow Duster, 2 cans of Bedlam Plus Aerosol
Manufacturer Various
Product Label Label
More PDF's No
Target Pest

Bed Bugs

Inspection Check List:

  • Cracks and crevices in head and foot boards, attached side railings and supports
  • Inspect mattresses top, sides and bottom. Check all buttons, seams and rips.
  • Inspect electrical switch plates, pictures on walls, wall posters
  • Inspect cracks in plaster or seams in wall paper.
  • Inspect electrical appliances-radios, phones, televisions, ect.,looking in hiding places.
  • Inspect tack strips under wall-to-wall carpeting and behind baseboards
  • Inspect secondhand beds, bedding, and furniture. The newer better built mattresses do not offer as much shelter and protection for the bed bugs to hide.
Active Ingredient (s) No
For Use : Inside for Bed bug Control
Yield No
Mixture|Application Spray and Dust
Application No
Retreatment Do all of the treatments 3 times, 10 days apart.
Shipping Restrictions AK, HI, NY or CT

Can not be shipped by expedited choices, per air regulations.

More Instructions
  • Important!! Do all of the treatments (as described below) 3 times, 10 days apart.
    Bed bugs come out to feed every few weeks, so retreatment is critical.
  • Temprid FX is a powerful concentrated insecticide that leaves a residue behind to continue killing. MIx Temprid 8 ml (.27 oz.) per gallon of water. Use all of the sprays that you mix-within 24 hours. Adjust the spray pattern to a mist by turning the nozzle. A fine mist is best for most spraying, but you may need to use a stream to get into some cracks and crevices. Spray around and under the bed and along baseboards near the bed. After removing the drawers from the furniture, spray the inside of the cabinetry, as well as the bottom and sides of drawers. Do not treat inside of the drawers. The clothes in the drawers should be removed and laundered. Temprid FX may be sprayed to certain parts of the mattress. Apply only to the infested tufts, seams, folds and edges, but do not apply to flat surfaces where prolonged human contact will occur.
  • Cimexa Dust is ready to use the dust that is ideal for use on the mattress and box springs. Fill the duster half full.  First shaking and then squeezing the duster will create a fine dust that resembles smoke.  This is just what you want for dusting the mattress.  Pay particular attention to seams, folds, and stapled fabric under the box springs.  The joints where the rails and headboard connect are also prime hiding areas for bed bugs. You may need to remove the fabric under the box spring to access the inner springs.  The mattress is safe to sleep on once it's covered with a sheet.
  • Bedlam Plus Aerosol is an insecticide aerosol with a crack and crevice tip. Spray along the edges, seams, and tufts of the mattresses and on the box springs. You should also spray around and under the bed and along baseboards near the bed.  Do not spray bed linens. After removing the drawers from the furniture spray the inside of the cabinetry, as well as the bottom and sides of the drawers. Do not treat inside the drawers. The clothes in the drawers should be removed and laundered.
  • Be sure to re-treat 10-14 days later.
  • Remember to read and follow all label instructions.

Customer Reviews 18 item(s)

Answer to Prayer.....SERIOUSLY !!
I suspect our bed bug problem came back with us after our travels. Had never seen one before...had to get on the internet to identify. Did hours of research for a solution. I finally decided on this product because of the professional reviews and advice I had read. This product (when used carefully along with with a good de-clutter and "throw-away" session) did everything and more. It not only eliminated every bed bug in my home but it also took care of the crickets, centipedes, ants, etc.

Much more effective when you actually do the exterminating as opposed to waiting for your exterminator to come out maybe (2) times in a month and a half. I sprayed beds, baseboards, and furniture (1) a week for (6) weeks, Than (2) a month for 3 months. I was fortunate in that the bugs had not invaded our closets, yet (they preferred to stay around us I guess) but I still went thru every piece of clothing and put the clean clothes into a hot dryer for 35-40 minutes. I also checked the dressers and sprayed the drawers underneath and around.

This product is worth every penny!! Great Advice on this website / store also!

Thanks People!!
Review by Diane / (Posted on 8/12/2019)
It Works!!!
Couldn't afford the heat treatment, $3500 to get rid of bedbugs. This works!!! Thank you DIY Pest Control, 3 rounds, and still no bed bugs!!!
Review by Bamabaker / (Posted on 7/25/2019)
Very effective! Continues to kill long term!
So glad to see bugs laying in the open DEAD!
Review by Doug / (Posted on 10/1/2018)
True results!
I, too, was quoted over $1000 to professionally treat. This site was a true gift. For a FRACTION of the cost, I used their system once and they’re all gone. Don’t get discouraged. These products work!!
Review by Lori / (Posted on 6/25/2018)
worked so well
We used another company's product first, was total disaster. The bugs kept spreading. We tried this kit and called with questions, instantly after months of gross-ness, we were on our way to a cure. This kit was everything we needed. Now, no bugs anywhere.
Review by Katrina / (Posted on 12/10/2017)
Worked for me
I worked for me I bought a second kit and sprayed the house 4 times. I did not have a bad infestation but have seen nothing for 2 weeks
Review by Hyatt / (Posted on 12/7/2016)
I would recommend this product as it was successful in getting rid of the bed bugs.
My sister followed the instructions on the video and used the products as instructed. So far no sign of bugs or bug eggs. The aerosol was great as it was almost orderliness.
Review by Jazzyv / (Posted on 11/4/2016)
Best Cheapest Way to get RID OF BED BUGS
**MUST BUY** This was worth every penny!!! I am so grateful to have found this site, I did not have $3000+ for a professional. I contemplated throwing everything I had and moving out of my townhouse, there was no way I could live with bedbugs..yuck! I followed the direcoons and de-cluttered my house (neighbors thought I was moving) and after each treatment I would see 1-2 right before the next treatment was done. After the last treatment I haven't even seen dead ones. I can finally sleep peacefully and not wakeup because I have a bedbug crawling on me trying to suck my blood!! I also called and spoke with a CSR who was very helpful in helping to understand the best way to use the product. Thanks FYI Pest Control!!!!
Review by Finally Able To Sleep!!! / (Posted on 10/15/2016)
This kit worked great
We thought the bites were spiders but couldn't find any. We just happened to see a bed bug on the mattress but having never seeing one was not sure. so we got some over the counter stuff and sprayed them but it had no effect. ran across DIY pest control and ordered the large kit (we had them in all the rooms and did not know it) well we don't have them any more there product works great.

If you have them and are looking for something to get rid of them look no further they have it covered also buy the nuvan strips you will find them handy for putting stuff in large bags for a week (kills the one's you don't see) all I can add is stay on them every week check every day and use bedlam plus to spray them they die fast like now! good luck
Review by palerider / (Posted on 8/15/2016)
Great Product Great Results
We had a small bed bug issue and had gotten quotes from exterminators and they were well over 1500 to come in and treat. Purchased the product and followed instructions. Simple enough to use. After one treatment I felt confident that I had it under control I sprayed the house with a second treatment focusing on the area that bugs had originally been seen. Just to get piece of mind we called in an exterminator service that used canines to sniff out bed bugs. Dogs went all through the house and not one live bug was found. The exterminator found my stash and said that these are the same thing he uses to treat for bed bugs. I am convinced that this is a great product and would purchase other products from DIY. Thank You for providing a quality product at a reasonable price.
Review by fred / (Posted on 7/30/2016)
Great products
Took care of my problems faster than I expected
Review by Susu / (Posted on 7/27/2016)
The product works well. The instructions were clear and easy to follow.
Review by Jasom / (Posted on 4/2/2016)
Works great
Works great they provide easy to understand instructions
Review by Frank H / (Posted on 10/20/2015)
Effective!! Worth every penny!
After several failed attempts to get rid of the infestation, I decided to give these products a try. It took two rounds of going through the full process, but it was totally worth it. I have continued to monitor, and spray with Temprid on localized areas, just as a prevention measure. The applicator for the powder was a little challenging to work at first, but got easier as I went. Overall really good products, effective, easy to use and apply, no foul odors or fumes.
Review by L Castaneda / (Posted on 9/29/2015)
Never thought I would have this problem.
I am always careful to check beds in hotels, don't buy used furniture and whenever I shop the thrift store, wash everything I buy. Never thought about my husband's briefcase. He drives for a dealership and is in and out of different cars daily, going to and from the auction and used cars to and from other dealerships. Never considered a car can be infested.
Professional treatment was over 2500, I used this instead. Getting ready for my 3rd treatment this week and so far all looks good. I followed directions to the letter and used bins to store all my things I kept in closet. Removed all pictures. Seems to be OK, for now, will continue to inspect monthly but was worth the money.
Review by MP / (Posted on 8/22/2015)
I used this product & would say I think it works. I did use everything in the package. Did see bed bugs in my daughters rooms which are next to each other & did panic. I basically got rid of all of their bedroom furniture but covered it all in plastic before removing it from rooms. I then treated the rooms & found that the connecting wall to the rooms see to be where the problem may be. I did also treat the entire house despite only seeing a few bugs in my girls rooms. After 1st treatment did continue to see 4 bugs. Did treat a 2nd time 10 days after 1st treatment then monitor rooms & dd still see 1 bug. I did do a 3rd treatment 10 days after 2nd & did see no bugs. I also did buy a Vapamore steamer & also steamed my home a week after 3rd treatment. A few days ago I did a 4th treatment to my home & I feel this will be my final chemical treatment since have not seen any evidence of bugs for 30+ days now. My girls are back in their rooms with new beds & limited furniture with interceptors to monitor. From what I have seen this works & I would not hesitate to order more if I need to. I also want to say when I had questions I called & they were very helpful. It is hard to find customer service like that anymore. This company & their products help me have some peace of mind.
Review by CRAZY OVER BED BUGS / (Posted on 7/9/2015)
Decent product, horrible instructions
I've been using the products in this package for about a month now and from what I've seen they work really well. I've just moved into a low-income apartment building and for the first time in my life I've had to deal with bedbugs. The product definitely keeps them away from me, whether it kills or simply repels is another matter entirely; I've never identified a dead bug, nor have I found where they're hiding to hit them in the nest. But every couple weeks I put more of the product down and then wait to see if I continue getting bit. I'm looking forward to not having to put the product down anymore, but judging by the state of the building, I doubt very much that will happen while I still live here.
Review by Aidryen / (Posted on 5/3/2015)
better and cheaper than a pest company
I have bought several products from Do It Yourself. Everything from Bore Bee spray to what you would use every day to bug control for home and cabins. But this was the first time a bought the Bed Bug Kit. In 13 years we have been very lucky with only having Bed Bugs twice. First time I didn't know what to do. I got any and everything I could get my hands on to spray, fog, flood every inch of the cabin. Lose income in peak season a whole month. Got it done and cost me a bundle. That was about 10 years ago. This past year (2014) renter brought them in again. Hired a pest company to combat the problem. Lost income, $900. and 6 weeks later. They declared it bug free. Well a couple weeks later. I found a couple of them alive. Company wanted me to pay another $500. Little to said I told them to stick where the sun doesn't shine and they should have done a better job.
So I called Do It Yourself ordered the kit. Did the job myself. After the first week I didn't find any sign of anything. A bug, waste, or any other sign. It's been 5 months now and still bug free. You know how bad you hate them and you will work harder then any company. The Bed Bug Kit works great and I didn't have to use everything in the kit. Two floors, open floor plan Studio about 18 ft. by 22 ft., three beds and couch.
Hope like heck it never happens again. But if it does, I will be buying this kit and do it my self. Thank you very much for this product!
Review by Lodging owner / (Posted on 2/9/2015)

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