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Mouse Bait Stations

Mouse Bait Stations

Always try to keep nontarget animals like dogs and pets  from consuming the poison mice bait.  Mouse bait stations offer the solution to this problem. Placing the bait blox onto the pegs inside the station allows the mouse to feed but does not allow the mouse to remove the bait where a dog could consume it.  In addition to keeping dogs, etc. out of the bait, the stations also protect the bait from the weather keeping the bait attractive to the mouse longer.

There are several choices of rat bait stations on our website. Only one station, the T1, has the bait included.  For all other stations, high quality baits such as Contrac blox, Fastrac blox or Final blox need to be purchased separately.

Mouse Bait Stations: B&G Rodent Cafes, Protecta RTU, Keyless Mouse Bait Stations

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