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Large Roaches (American, Smoky Brown, Oriental, Woods)


Large Cockroach Control


  • The first step to controlling your large roach problem is understanding why they are coming inside.  These cockroaches will come inside for two reason:  food and moisture.  Taking away any food or moisture sources is a crucial first step in controlling your problem.


There are several different methods to help reduce and eliminate your large cockroach population.

Spraying Residual Insecticides

  • Spray the outside of the structure with high-quality residual insecticides such as LambdaStar Ultra Cap 9.7. The LambdaStar UltraCap 9.7 is a newer and improved formulation from the older LambdaStar 9.7. The Ultra Cap is a micro encapsulated product that is odorless, will withstand high heat and adhere to surfaces well. One 16 oz bottle will provide more than 20-40 gallons of finished product. Spray around the perimeter with a band of 2-3 feet. You may spray inside as well, spraying along the baseboards and entry points. Repeat in three months.
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Spreading Insect Granules

  • As an added protection, use Insecticide granules such as Bifen LP, sprinkled around the perimeter.
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  • Adding an insect bait to your program would be helpful as well. Intice 10 Perimeter Bait or Invict Xpress Granular bait may be used inside or outside. It is made of food attractants to attract and kill large roaches, silverfish, earwigs and firebrats. Do not place this insect bait over freshly insecticide sprayed surfaces.
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Applying Insecticide Dusts

  • Insecticide dusts applied with a hand duster may be used behind appliances, behind baseboards, wall voids and wall outlets. D-Fense Dust is a recommended dust for long term control in these areas.
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General Pest Control Kit-  This kit has everything that you need for not only controlling and preventing your large cockroach problem but also a hand full of other common insects that can be found inside your house, apartment, business and also your yard

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